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And after the earthquake, a fire: Jehovah was not in the fire. And after the fire, a soft gentle voice. (1Kings 19:11-12)

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Perfect Way to Fill A Summer Day: Plan An Ice Cream Social ~ Five Minute Friday

He's been known to sit down with a friend and polish off a tub of ice cream without any trouble.

I recall a story a friend told at our wedding reception that had something to do with Turtles and ice cream and the crazy things guys can pack away in their college and career days. They probably didn't even use bowls, cause they were probably still dirty in the sink. But, I don't remember if that was a part of the tale told and it might not be a fair assumption.

Yeah, he still likes his ice cream. Although, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at his tall, lean stature.

So, when my son and I had an idea to have an ice cream social for our neighbourhood, he had no problem buying 20 litres of ice cream and a few packages of M&M's to go with it.

A glance at the calendar of the remainder of summer days didn't leave many openings and the forecast for the day at hand was sunny and warm, so no better day for an ice cream party than the present one.

Invites were made, Facebooked, and hand-delivered to neighbours and friends. We filled our day planning to bless our neighbours. And, oh, how it got our minds of our own heart-heavy burden.

At 7pm, our front lawn began to fill with friends who still had the evening available to join in our last minute party.

Milkshakes were sipped, ice cream ran sticky down the chins of children, and the adults shared laughter and a small snippet of life together.

All the while we polished off almost 20 litres of ice cream and when everyone made their way home, our hearts filled to overflowing with joy from the opportunity we had to open up our home and hearts to share our crazy spontaneous, simple ice cream social.


Joining Kate for the sequel to Five Minute Friday.

Today's writing prompt is the word : Fill


  1. Hello Rebekah! I'm Cassandra visiting from FMF. Nice to meet you.

    Last night I went to a community picnic at our local ball park with my sister, father and assorted nieces and nephews. It was great and felt very much like the way you described in your post. Good times with family and friends. Thank you for sharing this. Have a great rest of the summer.

    ~ Cassandra from Renaissance Women

  2. I wish I was there for the ice-cream party. I sounds fun!

    Visiting from FMF,


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