Jehovah was not in the wind. And after the wind, an earthquake: Jehovah was not in the earthquake.
And after the earthquake, a fire: Jehovah was not in the fire. And after the fire, a soft gentle voice. (1Kings 19:11-12)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Willing

The keypad is cold beneath my wrists as I fumble over my own fingers. I am not brave word warrior. I am a broken soul looking for beauty and meaning in this bloody mess.

It's crazy to bleed yourself, your heart, your story. It's all about this laying down, and letting go, and a love that drips. Mere bandages won't do. Stopping the flow is not the solution. It's trusting that what is offered is held as sweet aroma to the One who willingly suffered.

The hum of my heart beats loud as it bleeds and how it's heard I don't know. Sometimes it's stabbed and ripped apart carelessly. Isn't that what we do to one another?

It's the way of this world that lusts after success and craves to be seen. The desire to feel important is so desperate we step on the precious stories of fragile souls. We dig up the dirt to reveal the ugliness of the manure that inevitablely is mixed in with the rich earth allowing beautiful things to bloom.

And the beauty fades. Death creeps up and chokes the life. Dare we offer words when they may only be trampled on and tossed aside like dung.

We bleed, we ache, we taste the cold criticism and feel the lonely ache. Why press on when it hurts?

We are willing to bleed that others will know they are not alone. We bare our hearts that others will know that in the ugliness there is hope. We don't even know all our own dirt that lies deep. It's too dark to see. But, we believe that bleeding brings healing. Life conquers death.

When we pour out from our broken hearts we see our own brokenness first. We know we risk to be really known. We understand that we may be misunderstood. We lay our words down that love may heal wounds.

There is hope. The Word came and took on flesh that He might bleed. His heart was shattered. He was willing to feel the cold death that I deserved. He knew the suffering required of Him to offer hope. His story changed history. His death brought life.

You have to be willing to bleed to taste the sting of cold death and offer living hope.

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  1. Stopping in from FMF...Wow thank you for sharing your heart. I loved the thought of offering living hope to others and needing to be willing to do so!

  2. I,too, am not a brave word warrior that is trying to continually be willing to bleed myself. Thank you for sharing


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