Jehovah was not in the wind. And after the wind, an earthquake: Jehovah was not in the earthquake.
And after the earthquake, a fire: Jehovah was not in the fire. And after the fire, a soft gentle voice. (1Kings 19:11-12)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

I don't think I will ever forget it. The way the fields were all assembled there like a patchwork quilt. I was 22 and boarded a plane for the first time on my own. 

Off on an adventure to see the world and family.

England. The land of my father. He still speaks of the dales he hiked as a young boy.  

The last time I had been there I swallowed that English penny and they discovered a grapefruit-sized tumour near my not quite three year old lung. The doctors, they sent me home right away and on September 7, 1979 I was on an operating table and the surgeon was able to remove all but 5% of the tumour. I fought for my life for two years. 

On September 7, 1998, exactly nineteen years later, I boarded a plane and flew once again over the vast  ocean.

As I flew over the land and I saw the quilt laid out below, I was wonderstruck from the beauty of the creation.

I sat there in awe of the beauty of the tremendous view. With my face pressed to the small window of the Royal Airbus, I mumbled in a barely audible voice to the woman sitting beside me how wonderful it is to know that there is an even greater Creator behind the marvelous creation.

And to think that this Creator takes care of such details as quilts on the land and birds of the air. That I fly like the birds back to the land where doctors discovered that I was not well on the very same day of the same month that nineteen years earlier I had been laid down under the hands of surgeons and in the care of the Great Physician.

And I only realize the correlation of the date now. I see how my view of my amazing God is much, much too small.


Reflecting and writing on the word prompt given here for Five Minute Friday at Lisa-Jo's place. This week the prompt is: View

Officially, the rules are:

Five Minute Friday1. Write for 5 minutes  {To be honest, I usually break this rule ;) }
2. Link up at Lisa-Jo's  and invite others to join in.
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  1. Hi Rebekah - I'm visiting from Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. What a great post!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post, the picture illustrated the patchwork beautifully. God of the details. A great reminder. Which part of Yorkshire is your family from?

    1. Originally from Bingley. Thanks for coming by.

  3. I remember my first trip in the sky. . .I thought everything I saw looked like toys.

    Geesh, Rebekah. This post is full, full of so many spin-off posts. Like the penny and the tumor. You gave us quite a few teasers, nice!

  4. Dear Rebekah
    What an amazing picture! It looks as if our Pappa God has covered the earth with a patchwork quilt of His love. Yes, He is the one who specializes in mending broken things!

  5. Just amazing how much God loves us, even to the smallest detail we can see His gracious hand weaving in and out of our lives, creating a tapestry for His glory....that all may see Him and give thanks! Love you dear sister...praising God for your life today as you so perfectly reminded me of God's nearness to us, in every way! (Rachel)

  6. I have always marveled at the quilt-like appearance of the Earth beneath us, while we're suspended high in the air! Amazing, isn't it?


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